TdH 2014

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Hail our corporate overlords, our burial grounds

From now on, you can order the new shirts and stuff alike. 12 euros, plus postage to whatever hole you're planning on dying in. Our next show isn't planned before the month of  September yet, but who knows what might happen. Thanks again for the support everyone.

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Seamless Garment As The Morning

My skinny body was used to show off the amazing new garments we purveyed. The red one is the girly (M/L), the sand and charcoal ones are in a range S-XXL. The print was hand-crafted by the amazing Mr Eikenaar, whose amazing band Dodecahedron just got signed to Seasons of Mist, so kudos to him and them. The print is based on Dante's Woods of the Suicide-trees (Canto 13), where the souls of those who take their lives are punished by being planted as trees in the second ring of hell, where harpies rip their leaves and branches, thus feeling pain forever more yet not able to run from it. In a link to Nietschze's La gaya Scientia, where he tells how the Dionysian way to achieve true freedom and balance of spirit is through dance and music, we let the trees dance in a rage of rapture, yet again. You could also see them as dancing Ents, but, well, only if you see the Ents for what they were,  the true Cascadian warriors, fighting for their freedom by destroying the machines.

To be completely honest, I have no clue at this point what the price will be, I'll get back to you on that. Yet I'm too stoked not to post this.

maandag 20 juni 2011

Blue-Collar Tweakers

In a huge blogspot-entry, Shawn of Antithetic Records gave us all releases he's planning this year on putting out this year.

As you can read, mighty stuff up ahead. Especially the East of the Wall and Wildernessking records are something to look forward too I find.

As the more vigilant reader might have noticed, I lied to you.

Instead of 300, Shawn's putting out 500 of our 12"s, of which 200 will be coloured for the TRVE KVLT fans. The audio has been mastered, the artwork got approved, now we wait for the test-pressing. Expect more news on this soon, and keep an eye on Ebay.

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

The locust has no king

Let's start with the new records.

This fall will bring the re-release of our EP "A Rage of Rapture against the Dying of the Light". Antithetic Records has asked us to cooperate on this, and since Shawn has a penchant for weird metallic music (hence the releases of Kayo Dot, Maudlin of the Well ao.), how could we not join in?
Three hundred 180gr gatefold 12"s will be pressed, of which we will receive sixty. Pre-orders have not started yet, but if you keep an eye on Antithetic's webstore and ours, things'll work out fine.

Around the same time, we will release a split gatefold 12" with fellow Dutch merchants of filth Starve Starve, which will feature the first proper new material since the EP. Our apologies for that, but dealing with broken limbs, new guitarists and work tends to put off the writing. Expect a long track on the burrowing behaviour of the feeble. Or something along these lines. Badger Records will be releasing this, after releasing Starve's new 7" Black Sludge, White Sludge.

We are looking at the end of this year and the beginning of the new one to start recording our full-length. It appears that our show with Glorior Belli and Kjeld is cancelled, so when you come and see us at the amazing Incubate Festival the 17th of September, alongside Celeste, Aura Noir, Nadja, Lustmord and many more, you'll hear loads of new material.

See you soon.

woensdag 8 juni 2011

First post

will be short and succinct.

New shirts, new records, expect them the coming months. More updates soon.