TdH 2014

dinsdag 22 november 2011

Pall of Unrequited Blood

First things first: ALL HAIL MILLE

Erik of Badger Records, had a daughter, who will no doubt be raised in TRVE style. Congratulations!

Now, the artwork is NEARLY DONE BECAUSE OF THE APPROPIATE SLOWNESS OF SOME BANDS, but we expect the split to go to factory in two weeks time now. Fuck.

This Saturday we're playing Slugfest, be there early 'cause we'll get plenty of time to slowly get drunk and scream along with Starve, Undergang and Diet Pills.

The 13th of December, we'll launch a contest from this site only, where you can win several prizes, among them test-pressing #2 and the last remaining bottle of Liar Liar Cross On Fire-mead, found whilst moving, and left from this small tour, 2,5 years ago. Ah, how time flies.

See you Saturday.

donderdag 10 november 2011

17 Could Be Good For Me

Slowly we're getting used to standard life again. Ireland remains in our blood and liver though.

Last Sunday, we played in Den Bosch for a couple of people, but we played our longest set ever (over an hour) and we survived! The people that were there heard all our new songs, and the general judgment was that they were better than the EP and loud. And when Freek de Greef tells you that, you know that he's telling the truth 'cause he's the most critical, sour bastard I know. One love, invisible antlers.

Next up is Slugfest, an amazing festival filled with loads of heavy bands. The 26th will feature Dutch bands like Starve and Toner Low and international highlights such as Diet Pills, Undergang and Premonition 13, Wino's new band!

A Chosen Hollow is still being processed. I want that fucking record so bad. Patience, my children, patience...

donderdag 3 november 2011

At the Base of the Giant's Throat.


We are filled with hundreds of stories, mostly about Andy, Howard and Barry of Five Will Die fame, even though Barry is know for fucking everything else as well. We made new friends, especially the guys from Gacy's Threads and Ilenkus, shared loads of pints with old friends, and generally enjoyed a weekend fit for gods.

Especially the Siege of Limerick was outstanding. I urge you to check out Three Hour Ceasefire (harsh, relentless hardcore), Rites (amazing doomy hardcore), Shardborne (intricate techy death) and I'll Eat Your Face (powerVIOLENCE). After drinking for 12 hours straight, we played a set we enjoyed much, as did the 100 or so people left there, even if it meant breaking strings, head-wounds around and bouncers kicking us out 5 minutes after playing. We'll be back, Limerick.

This Sunday, we're playing the Heavy Hangout in the W2 in Den Bosch. We'll play from 1600-1700, play "A Chosen Hollow" for the first time for natives, there'll be a specially brewed beer and there'll be a black metal DJ harassing people. I've had worse Sundays.

As did Richard.