TdH 2014

zaterdag 30 juli 2011

Pale skies shatter

And we are done with part 1 of the 'A Chosen Hollow' recording session. We managed to record all the drums, all the bass parts, multiple layers of guitar and all the vocals. Things to do are: second guitars and the additional things.

Now it is time to sit back and cool down and enjoy the free time we have left this weekend and before planning the next recording session. Ofcourse a major thanks to Freek for his great recording skills.

We will keep you posted.


We chipped at the bricks and the mortar

Halfway through recording day, we're going faster than expected. Drums and bass are fully recorded, and we have one guitar-line which seems useable. Next up, vocals (gang-vocals and handclaps) and Demian's voyage into the realms of heavy guitaring. Sweet.

Tonight, we'll post some pictures and/or movies. Know that they'll contain Lil' B, football, Comin' Correct and Nyan Cat. Sorry.


vrijdag 29 juli 2011

7 Channels of TRVE

So we've entered the studio again, this time under the watchful eyes and ears of our long time sound engineer/friend/driver/etc Freek of Doombringer. He will be guiding this whole process of recording the 'A Chosen Hollow'. Tonight we picked up our stuff at the rehearsel space and drove to the studio which is at a farm nearby Amersfoort.

In the few hours we had we build up the drums, tuned them, placed the microphones and did some test takes. (only drums and drums + guitar). It already sounds awesome and we can't wait to start the real recording process tomorrow.

Will keep you posted.


donderdag 28 juli 2011

Et sekund? Eller et liv?

Tomorrow, we're entering the studio to record "A Chosen Hollow".

Under the mocking guidance of the Red October from DOOMBRINGER AUDIO, we'll spend a weekend recording drums, guitar and bass, and in three weeks time the other guitars, instruments and vocals will be done. Hopefully, this will result in a new record release at the end of September.

Since our drummer has a new toy, and will constantly film and make pictures, I'll harass you with updates via this blogspot as the days go by and I get bored.

Furthermore, the test-pressings of our EP are on their way, so that's coming along too. Looks like September is going to be one hell of a month.

To celebrate that, we have another show plannend for the 2nd of September. We'll be playing at the OCCII with the Danish monsters of Moonless. This will be our second show ever in Amsterdam after an amazing show with Bone Awl. Come along, drink beer and intimidate small people so we can feel at home again!

vrijdag 22 juli 2011

En Tyst Minut

Not much happening right now, but I thought I'd share with you that our newest song, which will go on the split with STARVE, is as good as finished, and recording starts next week. It's a beast of a song, 14+ minutes of blasts, feedback and looming pain.

We have one more show added, being at the Willem 2 in Den Bosch, where we'll do an hour long show on Sunday the 6th of November. This'll be our longest show yet, so come and see if Joost can survive that.

We're working on a weekend with the mighty Funeral Procession for the middle of October, as soon as we know more of that, I'll let you know.