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donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Hell Broke Luce

Quick update;

All tracks for the split with Starve are mastered now, they sound amazing. This record will be out soon. SIKED. A soon as there's a release-show available, we'll tell you. Chances are none they'll be done when we play together in Eindhoven.

We're heading for Ireland this Saturday, we'll try to take along some merch but it won't be much due to ridiculous prices for taking stuff on journeys. But we're stoked for sharing the stages with friends and comrades in bile.

We'll be playing lots of new songs in Ireland, since no one will have heard them anyway so fuck-ups won't be heard. I things work out well, we'll do the same in Den Bosch.

Ireland, Brabant, prepare yourselves!

Oh, and we're coming back to the UK in February! Leeds is booked for the 18th, Nottingham for the 22nd, everything else will be filled these next weeks.

donderdag 20 oktober 2011

This Entire Fucking Battlefield

Bunch of shows coming up!

Next week, we'll be touring Ireland for a couple of days! Saturday evening, we'll play Fred Zeppelin's in Cork, together with FIVE WILL DIE and Gacy's Threads. It's a free show, but givin us money for shirts and records will be massively appreciated. The day after that, we're playing Siege Over Limerick, and that's going to be a journey through the 7 rings of hell for sure. Loads of bands, half-naked women selling/pushing Jagermeister and BEARDS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE. This is going to be amazing.

The weekend after that, the 6th of November, we're playing a Sunday matinee in the W2 in Den Bosch. It's called Heavy Hangout, and basically it means that there's a bunch of DJ's playing black metal records, we'll be playing for an hour or so, and then there's more music and special beers. This'll be the longest set we've ever played, so come and laugh at us while we slowly play more doomy blackmetal due to lack of fitness.

And in bigger news, the 10th of December will also be a first, as we are playing two shows on the same day, across the country!

We start the day by playing Maas Metal Meeting, as part of the hometown-farewell show of God Dethroned, the Dutch Death Masters. We will be joined by Grimm, Monolith Deathcult and Prostitute Disfigurement amongst others, so this is going to be a blast.

After Groningen, we'll race our van to Den Haag, where we'll play as part of the State-X New Forms Festival. As soon as there's more information on that, we'll post that here. But apparently, we're headed under the characterisation of avant-garde rock. Fuck you hipsterblack!

Ad in closing, our new record is as good as done! We finished mixing and mastering last week, the STARVE side has been sent for mastering, this release is bound to happen before December. We'll post the lyrics and artwork soon.

maandag 10 oktober 2011

Order Of The Source Below

Our vinyl can now be ordered in an orderly fashion! On our bigcartel, you can order it all. Shipping is put on 12.00 for the rest of the world because Dutch shipping isn't orderly at all. If you think/know you're paying too much, let us know, we'll gladly reimburse.

Our release-show was this Friday, and even though we had to cut our set short due to Envy's set, it was a blast. A sold-out venue, friends everywhere, sharing the stage with one of the most intense bands around, amazing.

Next up: Ireland!

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Where our hearts will either break or bronze

Jez Walshaw filmed us, playing this new song "A Marriage Of Flesh And Air" in Groningen. Thanks for that!