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donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Hell Broke Luce

Quick update;

All tracks for the split with Starve are mastered now, they sound amazing. This record will be out soon. SIKED. A soon as there's a release-show available, we'll tell you. Chances are none they'll be done when we play together in Eindhoven.

We're heading for Ireland this Saturday, we'll try to take along some merch but it won't be much due to ridiculous prices for taking stuff on journeys. But we're stoked for sharing the stages with friends and comrades in bile.

We'll be playing lots of new songs in Ireland, since no one will have heard them anyway so fuck-ups won't be heard. I things work out well, we'll do the same in Den Bosch.

Ireland, Brabant, prepare yourselves!

Oh, and we're coming back to the UK in February! Leeds is booked for the 18th, Nottingham for the 22nd, everything else will be filled these next weeks.

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