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woensdag 7 december 2011

Between Barrows

The lack of updates reflects the busy times we're in.

The Slugfest show went 'meh' for us, but we received a bunch of compliments, so we're still whining bitches. Good to hear that one listener's girlfriend liked us up to the point Joost started gobbing around. FILTHY BANDS ARE TOO KVLT.

We saw loads of good bands there, but I want to mention Undergang specifically, one of the filthiest bestial death-metal shows I've ever seen, if you get the chance, go and see them.

This Saturday will bring us two shows! Early evening, we'll play Maas Metal Meeting 2011 in Groningen (we'll play from 17:40 to 18:20) to accompany God Dethroned in their last hometown show. It's going to be packed, especially when playing along side Prostitute Disfigurement, Grimm, The Monolith Deathcult and local heroes Entrapment!

After that, we'll pack our van and drive west where we'll play State-X New Forms in Den Haag alongside Carceri and Jesus Crost! We'll play at 330live, around 0:30 at night!

As for the record, the artwork is finalised and we hope to be done half of January. But, well, you know. We'll see.

Furthermore, next week is the announcement of the contest to win the last bottle of Liar Liar-mede, a test-pressing and a bundle of poems by H. Marsman!

dinsdag 22 november 2011

Pall of Unrequited Blood

First things first: ALL HAIL MILLE

Erik of Badger Records, had a daughter, who will no doubt be raised in TRVE style. Congratulations!

Now, the artwork is NEARLY DONE BECAUSE OF THE APPROPIATE SLOWNESS OF SOME BANDS, but we expect the split to go to factory in two weeks time now. Fuck.

This Saturday we're playing Slugfest, be there early 'cause we'll get plenty of time to slowly get drunk and scream along with Starve, Undergang and Diet Pills.

The 13th of December, we'll launch a contest from this site only, where you can win several prizes, among them test-pressing #2 and the last remaining bottle of Liar Liar Cross On Fire-mead, found whilst moving, and left from this small tour, 2,5 years ago. Ah, how time flies.

See you Saturday.

donderdag 10 november 2011

17 Could Be Good For Me

Slowly we're getting used to standard life again. Ireland remains in our blood and liver though.

Last Sunday, we played in Den Bosch for a couple of people, but we played our longest set ever (over an hour) and we survived! The people that were there heard all our new songs, and the general judgment was that they were better than the EP and loud. And when Freek de Greef tells you that, you know that he's telling the truth 'cause he's the most critical, sour bastard I know. One love, invisible antlers.

Next up is Slugfest, an amazing festival filled with loads of heavy bands. The 26th will feature Dutch bands like Starve and Toner Low and international highlights such as Diet Pills, Undergang and Premonition 13, Wino's new band!

A Chosen Hollow is still being processed. I want that fucking record so bad. Patience, my children, patience...

donderdag 3 november 2011

At the Base of the Giant's Throat.


We are filled with hundreds of stories, mostly about Andy, Howard and Barry of Five Will Die fame, even though Barry is know for fucking everything else as well. We made new friends, especially the guys from Gacy's Threads and Ilenkus, shared loads of pints with old friends, and generally enjoyed a weekend fit for gods.

Especially the Siege of Limerick was outstanding. I urge you to check out Three Hour Ceasefire (harsh, relentless hardcore), Rites (amazing doomy hardcore), Shardborne (intricate techy death) and I'll Eat Your Face (powerVIOLENCE). After drinking for 12 hours straight, we played a set we enjoyed much, as did the 100 or so people left there, even if it meant breaking strings, head-wounds around and bouncers kicking us out 5 minutes after playing. We'll be back, Limerick.

This Sunday, we're playing the Heavy Hangout in the W2 in Den Bosch. We'll play from 1600-1700, play "A Chosen Hollow" for the first time for natives, there'll be a specially brewed beer and there'll be a black metal DJ harassing people. I've had worse Sundays.

As did Richard.

donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Hell Broke Luce

Quick update;

All tracks for the split with Starve are mastered now, they sound amazing. This record will be out soon. SIKED. A soon as there's a release-show available, we'll tell you. Chances are none they'll be done when we play together in Eindhoven.

We're heading for Ireland this Saturday, we'll try to take along some merch but it won't be much due to ridiculous prices for taking stuff on journeys. But we're stoked for sharing the stages with friends and comrades in bile.

We'll be playing lots of new songs in Ireland, since no one will have heard them anyway so fuck-ups won't be heard. I things work out well, we'll do the same in Den Bosch.

Ireland, Brabant, prepare yourselves!

Oh, and we're coming back to the UK in February! Leeds is booked for the 18th, Nottingham for the 22nd, everything else will be filled these next weeks.

donderdag 20 oktober 2011

This Entire Fucking Battlefield

Bunch of shows coming up!

Next week, we'll be touring Ireland for a couple of days! Saturday evening, we'll play Fred Zeppelin's in Cork, together with FIVE WILL DIE and Gacy's Threads. It's a free show, but givin us money for shirts and records will be massively appreciated. The day after that, we're playing Siege Over Limerick, and that's going to be a journey through the 7 rings of hell for sure. Loads of bands, half-naked women selling/pushing Jagermeister and BEARDS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE. This is going to be amazing.

The weekend after that, the 6th of November, we're playing a Sunday matinee in the W2 in Den Bosch. It's called Heavy Hangout, and basically it means that there's a bunch of DJ's playing black metal records, we'll be playing for an hour or so, and then there's more music and special beers. This'll be the longest set we've ever played, so come and laugh at us while we slowly play more doomy blackmetal due to lack of fitness.

And in bigger news, the 10th of December will also be a first, as we are playing two shows on the same day, across the country!

We start the day by playing Maas Metal Meeting, as part of the hometown-farewell show of God Dethroned, the Dutch Death Masters. We will be joined by Grimm, Monolith Deathcult and Prostitute Disfigurement amongst others, so this is going to be a blast.

After Groningen, we'll race our van to Den Haag, where we'll play as part of the State-X New Forms Festival. As soon as there's more information on that, we'll post that here. But apparently, we're headed under the characterisation of avant-garde rock. Fuck you hipsterblack!

Ad in closing, our new record is as good as done! We finished mixing and mastering last week, the STARVE side has been sent for mastering, this release is bound to happen before December. We'll post the lyrics and artwork soon.

maandag 10 oktober 2011

Order Of The Source Below

Our vinyl can now be ordered in an orderly fashion! On our bigcartel, you can order it all. Shipping is put on 12.00 for the rest of the world because Dutch shipping isn't orderly at all. If you think/know you're paying too much, let us know, we'll gladly reimburse.

Our release-show was this Friday, and even though we had to cut our set short due to Envy's set, it was a blast. A sold-out venue, friends everywhere, sharing the stage with one of the most intense bands around, amazing.

Next up: Ireland!

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Where our hearts will either break or bronze

Jez Walshaw filmed us, playing this new song "A Marriage Of Flesh And Air" in Groningen. Thanks for that!

maandag 26 september 2011

Skrying In The Spirit Vision

The records have arrived! They look great and sound amazing. They're going to be added to the Big Cartel as soon as I figure out how much postage will be. Alas, sending the records will be expensive, so it's easier to pick them up at our gigs.

This Saturday, we played the VERA for the first time ever, and even though we've played in Groningen before, this one was the best without a doubt. A small basement, arches everywhere, and as soon as there were more than 40 people, sweat dripping from the walls. Pictures can be found here, but they don't do the show justice. Wizard's Beard and Five Will Die were not only amazing guys (doing the dishes at the place you slept, never had that one before!), but harsh, heavy and loud as well.

Luckily, we'll see them in a month's time at the Siege of Limerick.

First up though, our official release-party for the 12". Friday the 7th of October, ACU, Utrecht, with Envy and Screw Houston, Start Screaming! who will release their EP too. This show is probably going to sell out, and there won't be any presale, so just be at the ACU around 21:00, get some amazing tofu/tempeh breadrolls at Babby's Snacks(across the street) and celebrate with us.

donderdag 15 september 2011

Chain Wandering Deeply

Two huge shows coming up, one awesome weekend.

This Saturday, we are playing at the INCUBATE FESTIVAL, with amazing bands like Celeste, Light Bearer and Planks. It's part of a huge festival, spanning one week and one city, with art, performances and discussion fora spread throughout Tilburg. We will play at the 013, stage01, around 18:30.

With a whole bunch of luck, we might have our 12"s then, becuase Shawn sent them this Monday, but it's a slight chance.

After this weekend, we have an Irish weekend with our friends from Five Will Die and Wizard's Beard, and we'll play both ACU, Utrecht and VERA, Groningen. Come and slug proper whisky/whiskey with us.
ALas, our friends from Cathode had to cancel because their singer has ripped his throat (true story), they hope to be back in a month or two. Be sure to check them out then!
We have decided to have an official release party for the "A Rage Of Rapture Against The Dying Of The Light" 12". Because Friday, the 7th of October, we will be sharing the stage with long-time heroes Envy, amazingly intense screamo/post-rock from Japan. This show is going to sell-out, so be sure to get to the ACU, Utrecht early! Screw Houston, Start Screaming!, a local screamo band will release their EP too then, so it'll be a night full of vinyl and friends.

In two weeks time, we'll finish up the recordings of "A Chosen Hollow", as will STARVE. Good times acomin'. Share them with us.

woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Time Worn Regression

It's been a while, but here are a couple of updates.

* recording for the split with STARVE have had some delays, but at the end of September, everything will have been recorded and probably mastered in the first two weeks of October. Tentative street date: 15 november.

* Our first show in a couple of months is this Friday, in Amsterdam

Moonless is vile, Danish Doom, Sludge Magnet is Amsterdoomned Sludge.

Come in at 21:00, pay 6 euros, get hurt.

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Waiting for black metal records to come in the mail

I bring you good news and bad news.

First the bad news, our weekend tour with Funeral Procession has been postponed. That same weekend had the 30th-year anniversary of Death in June, and members of both bands really want to go there. We are looking at November now for new data.

In good news, we'll be returning to the Irish shores soon! We have been asked by Siege of Limerick to play their annual festival on the 30th of October, and so we will!
It's an alldayer, with loads of amazing bands (I do know that Guttrench is one of the filthiest death metal bands I ever heard, ripping stuff. Rites is class too)

We'll probably be playing a show the day before in Cork, the guys from FiveWillDie and Siorai Geimhreadh are working on that.

The lads of the former band will be sharing stages with us on their Dutch league of the tour at the end of September, with a bit of luck we'll have our records then! Somewhere next week we'll finish the recording of "A Chosen Hollow", as soon as that's done I'll try to upload some snippets of the song.


zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

To Pluck Up The Night By Its Skin

You can pre-order our record now!

We've approved the test-pressings, Mell Dettmer at Sinister Kitchen did an amazing job in mastering our 12", the sound has improved immensely. She has done stuff for Earth, Trap Them, Sunn O)))), Altar of Plagues, Six Organs of Admittance and Fauna a.o., and you can hear her expertise in the end-result, more prominence for every instrument, a better balance and a broader, deeper sound.

We'll get our part of the deal around mid-September probably, with a bit of luck we'll have them for the mini-tour with FiveWillDie and Wizard's Beard, both of whom'll have a new record with them as well!

With this pre-order comes a contest, where you can win the original artwork for the shirts by mr. Eikenaar.

Somewhere along the next two weeks we'll finish recording the split with STARVE, more updates then!


woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Sick Transit Gloria Mundi

Today, the test-presses arrived. According to Richard and me, they sound AMAZING, but we have to wait what the judgement of the rest will be. Know that the sound, when compared with the EP, is far more expansive, the bass has more prominence and there are no FUCKING ANNOYING GAPS BETWEEN SONGS. As far as I'm concerned, we've got a definite improvement here.

As soon as we approve, this will be sent to press, and I think that we will be able to sell them around half September. We'll get a couple of golden vinyl records and somewhat more black, the rest of them will be sold via Shawn's amazing Antithetic Records. At the end of August, STARVE will record their half of the split while we finish up our song, so expect that one around October.

Since things are finally working out for us, we definitely feel an urge to write songs now, to complete the full-length. I really hope we can start this at the beginning of next year.

I leave you with the assignment to buy stuff from Heinali & Matt Finney, they are two amazing guys with an unrelenting musical eerieness that keeps you awake at night, clutching at straws.


donderdag 4 augustus 2011

First sightings from the upcoming apocalypse

A little insight in the things to come, and the process of it. First 'A Chosen Hollow' studio session.


zaterdag 30 juli 2011

Pale skies shatter

And we are done with part 1 of the 'A Chosen Hollow' recording session. We managed to record all the drums, all the bass parts, multiple layers of guitar and all the vocals. Things to do are: second guitars and the additional things.

Now it is time to sit back and cool down and enjoy the free time we have left this weekend and before planning the next recording session. Ofcourse a major thanks to Freek for his great recording skills.

We will keep you posted.


We chipped at the bricks and the mortar

Halfway through recording day, we're going faster than expected. Drums and bass are fully recorded, and we have one guitar-line which seems useable. Next up, vocals (gang-vocals and handclaps) and Demian's voyage into the realms of heavy guitaring. Sweet.

Tonight, we'll post some pictures and/or movies. Know that they'll contain Lil' B, football, Comin' Correct and Nyan Cat. Sorry.


vrijdag 29 juli 2011

7 Channels of TRVE

So we've entered the studio again, this time under the watchful eyes and ears of our long time sound engineer/friend/driver/etc Freek of Doombringer. He will be guiding this whole process of recording the 'A Chosen Hollow'. Tonight we picked up our stuff at the rehearsel space and drove to the studio which is at a farm nearby Amersfoort.

In the few hours we had we build up the drums, tuned them, placed the microphones and did some test takes. (only drums and drums + guitar). It already sounds awesome and we can't wait to start the real recording process tomorrow.

Will keep you posted.


donderdag 28 juli 2011

Et sekund? Eller et liv?

Tomorrow, we're entering the studio to record "A Chosen Hollow".

Under the mocking guidance of the Red October from DOOMBRINGER AUDIO, we'll spend a weekend recording drums, guitar and bass, and in three weeks time the other guitars, instruments and vocals will be done. Hopefully, this will result in a new record release at the end of September.

Since our drummer has a new toy, and will constantly film and make pictures, I'll harass you with updates via this blogspot as the days go by and I get bored.

Furthermore, the test-pressings of our EP are on their way, so that's coming along too. Looks like September is going to be one hell of a month.

To celebrate that, we have another show plannend for the 2nd of September. We'll be playing at the OCCII with the Danish monsters of Moonless. This will be our second show ever in Amsterdam after an amazing show with Bone Awl. Come along, drink beer and intimidate small people so we can feel at home again!

vrijdag 22 juli 2011

En Tyst Minut

Not much happening right now, but I thought I'd share with you that our newest song, which will go on the split with STARVE, is as good as finished, and recording starts next week. It's a beast of a song, 14+ minutes of blasts, feedback and looming pain.

We have one more show added, being at the Willem 2 in Den Bosch, where we'll do an hour long show on Sunday the 6th of November. This'll be our longest show yet, so come and see if Joost can survive that.

We're working on a weekend with the mighty Funeral Procession for the middle of October, as soon as we know more of that, I'll let you know.

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Hail our corporate overlords, our burial grounds

From now on, you can order the new shirts and stuff alike. 12 euros, plus postage to whatever hole you're planning on dying in. Our next show isn't planned before the month of  September yet, but who knows what might happen. Thanks again for the support everyone.

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Seamless Garment As The Morning

My skinny body was used to show off the amazing new garments we purveyed. The red one is the girly (M/L), the sand and charcoal ones are in a range S-XXL. The print was hand-crafted by the amazing Mr Eikenaar, whose amazing band Dodecahedron just got signed to Seasons of Mist, so kudos to him and them. The print is based on Dante's Woods of the Suicide-trees (Canto 13), where the souls of those who take their lives are punished by being planted as trees in the second ring of hell, where harpies rip their leaves and branches, thus feeling pain forever more yet not able to run from it. In a link to Nietschze's La gaya Scientia, where he tells how the Dionysian way to achieve true freedom and balance of spirit is through dance and music, we let the trees dance in a rage of rapture, yet again. You could also see them as dancing Ents, but, well, only if you see the Ents for what they were,  the true Cascadian warriors, fighting for their freedom by destroying the machines.

To be completely honest, I have no clue at this point what the price will be, I'll get back to you on that. Yet I'm too stoked not to post this.

maandag 20 juni 2011

Blue-Collar Tweakers

In a huge blogspot-entry, Shawn of Antithetic Records gave us all releases he's planning this year on putting out this year.

As you can read, mighty stuff up ahead. Especially the East of the Wall and Wildernessking records are something to look forward too I find.

As the more vigilant reader might have noticed, I lied to you.

Instead of 300, Shawn's putting out 500 of our 12"s, of which 200 will be coloured for the TRVE KVLT fans. The audio has been mastered, the artwork got approved, now we wait for the test-pressing. Expect more news on this soon, and keep an eye on Ebay.

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

The locust has no king

Let's start with the new records.

This fall will bring the re-release of our EP "A Rage of Rapture against the Dying of the Light". Antithetic Records has asked us to cooperate on this, and since Shawn has a penchant for weird metallic music (hence the releases of Kayo Dot, Maudlin of the Well ao.), how could we not join in?
Three hundred 180gr gatefold 12"s will be pressed, of which we will receive sixty. Pre-orders have not started yet, but if you keep an eye on Antithetic's webstore and ours, things'll work out fine.

Around the same time, we will release a split gatefold 12" with fellow Dutch merchants of filth Starve Starve, which will feature the first proper new material since the EP. Our apologies for that, but dealing with broken limbs, new guitarists and work tends to put off the writing. Expect a long track on the burrowing behaviour of the feeble. Or something along these lines. Badger Records will be releasing this, after releasing Starve's new 7" Black Sludge, White Sludge.

We are looking at the end of this year and the beginning of the new one to start recording our full-length. It appears that our show with Glorior Belli and Kjeld is cancelled, so when you come and see us at the amazing Incubate Festival the 17th of September, alongside Celeste, Aura Noir, Nadja, Lustmord and many more, you'll hear loads of new material.

See you soon.

woensdag 8 juni 2011

First post

will be short and succinct.

New shirts, new records, expect them the coming months. More updates soon.