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zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

To Pluck Up The Night By Its Skin

You can pre-order our record now!

We've approved the test-pressings, Mell Dettmer at Sinister Kitchen did an amazing job in mastering our 12", the sound has improved immensely. She has done stuff for Earth, Trap Them, Sunn O)))), Altar of Plagues, Six Organs of Admittance and Fauna a.o., and you can hear her expertise in the end-result, more prominence for every instrument, a better balance and a broader, deeper sound.

We'll get our part of the deal around mid-September probably, with a bit of luck we'll have them for the mini-tour with FiveWillDie and Wizard's Beard, both of whom'll have a new record with them as well!

With this pre-order comes a contest, where you can win the original artwork for the shirts by mr. Eikenaar.

Somewhere along the next two weeks we'll finish recording the split with STARVE, more updates then!


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