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maandag 26 september 2011

Skrying In The Spirit Vision

The records have arrived! They look great and sound amazing. They're going to be added to the Big Cartel as soon as I figure out how much postage will be. Alas, sending the records will be expensive, so it's easier to pick them up at our gigs.

This Saturday, we played the VERA for the first time ever, and even though we've played in Groningen before, this one was the best without a doubt. A small basement, arches everywhere, and as soon as there were more than 40 people, sweat dripping from the walls. Pictures can be found here, but they don't do the show justice. Wizard's Beard and Five Will Die were not only amazing guys (doing the dishes at the place you slept, never had that one before!), but harsh, heavy and loud as well.

Luckily, we'll see them in a month's time at the Siege of Limerick.

First up though, our official release-party for the 12". Friday the 7th of October, ACU, Utrecht, with Envy and Screw Houston, Start Screaming! who will release their EP too. This show is probably going to sell out, and there won't be any presale, so just be at the ACU around 21:00, get some amazing tofu/tempeh breadrolls at Babby's Snacks(across the street) and celebrate with us.

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