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donderdag 28 juli 2011

Et sekund? Eller et liv?

Tomorrow, we're entering the studio to record "A Chosen Hollow".

Under the mocking guidance of the Red October from DOOMBRINGER AUDIO, we'll spend a weekend recording drums, guitar and bass, and in three weeks time the other guitars, instruments and vocals will be done. Hopefully, this will result in a new record release at the end of September.

Since our drummer has a new toy, and will constantly film and make pictures, I'll harass you with updates via this blogspot as the days go by and I get bored.

Furthermore, the test-pressings of our EP are on their way, so that's coming along too. Looks like September is going to be one hell of a month.

To celebrate that, we have another show plannend for the 2nd of September. We'll be playing at the OCCII with the Danish monsters of Moonless. This will be our second show ever in Amsterdam after an amazing show with Bone Awl. Come along, drink beer and intimidate small people so we can feel at home again!

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