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maandag 9 april 2012

Under grey lights and electric skies

It has been a long time, but that has to do with the fact that I hadn't wanted to make a post until I knew for sure that the split recording was on its way.

Still no news.

Erik has told us several dates over the last months, but so far none have delivered, so we'll keep on waiting. As soon as I have a test-pressing, I'll say something more.

We've been writing for the full-length these past months, and even though things are slow, we're moving along! At this point, I'd say we need to write two more songs and we've got a beast of an album. No labels for that yet, but there has been interest. What that essentially means is that friends of us with labels told us they'd love to help us out, so no definitive I'LL DO IT, but at least we're fairly sure that we don't have to pay for the 6x6 feet inverted church origami artwork all by ourselves.

To end it with a little downer, we won't be performing anymore these weeks due to bookers being irresponsive dicks and due to health problems of Stefan. Wish him well.

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