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woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Take As Needed For Pain


Three weeks ago we received the test-pressings of the 12" with Starve. We heartily approved them (the sound is so much better when compared to the mp3). GO AND PRINT.

Well, no.

But now, all the artwork problems have been resolved and today we got an email, telling us that they'll be shipped the 29th of August!

There are 250 black LPs and 50 crystal-meth, pre-orders have started via, but as soon as there are records proper, we will make them obtainable in our bandcamp.

So, we have another release-party to look forward to. But this time, the records will actually be there. And of course, we will have our CRY ME A BADGER FEST 2012 at the ACU. It will take place the 16th of September, a Sunday late afternoon show, and we will be again bejoined by STARVE, our Northern buddies in Ortega and the amazing UK Caveman Battle-Doom heroes of Conan.

As soon as there's a flyer and more info it'll get posted here.

As for the rest, we are still looking at an end of the year/start of next year tour with label-buddies The Great Old Ones, so bookers take note. We are mainly looking for shows on the mainland Europe, but the UK is doable too.

New songs are coming up too, we have just started working on what might well be the last song needed for the full-length. As soon as everyone's done holidaying and marrying we will finish this elusive beast.

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