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dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Oxex Dazis Sastris

I know it has been too long.
We have toured the UK with our friends from The Great Old Ones which was an absolute blast (judging from the reviews in Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and amazing blogs). A huge thanks to the LURKERlads, to Sam of CLDH and Paul Priest, all of them are worthy of your money, booze and tips on proper music.
One of the reasons it took so long is the amount of time we could spend on writing new material. We had been writing on one of the songs for a year approximately, when a bunch of amazing shows came up. Getting back to the drawingboard is difficult then. BUT the new songs are suddenly appearing, and I fell it's safe to say that this year will finally be the year that new releases will be recorded.
At this point, the full-length is the focal point, but we have a split 7" in the works as well.
Because of the amount of shows of lately and the desire to write new material, we have decided to play an absolute minimum of shows before the summer, being a show with Ash Borer and Fell Voices in Amsterdam, and a tentative show with Sadhaka (members of Fauna) in Groningen.
If you want to celebrate the tenth edition of Footprints in the Void with us, you're more than welcome on Saturday the 30th of March. Five amazing bands, a special edition beer and a celebration of kindred spirits.

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