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donderdag 23 januari 2014

Denial of the Species

It has been a long time.

Our brother Stefan has left the band due to health reasons. It pains us all, but we all know as well that this was the only possible outcome. Below is his farewell.

Hey all. Let me take this opportunity to let you all know that, with both sadness and relief, I have decided to quit my guitar activities for the band.
The reasons for this are diverse. Some of you might know that these last few years have not been the easiest for me, and though I'm doing quite OK now, it has left an imprint. Therefore a full on rehearsing/recording/touring outfit is simply not made for me anymore. A heavy hearted feeling that's been itching for a while and I simpy have to step up and face it.
An other equally important reason is a desire in me to channel my thoughts and feelings into productive within the realm of other musical genres (than Metal/Hardcore).
So no, you're not rid of me yet! In fact, I already have been invited for several projects and this year I will focus on getting a solo project called Lantern Slides more running. Next to that there is talk of ending the hiatus of my former band Osewoudt.

Is this the end of TDH? Of course not! In fact a follow up for me might be lurking around the corner sooner than you can say 'a rage of rapture against the dying of the light'. So work on the full length will continue!

So let me sign off with a great big heartfelt !thank you! to all the people that booked us a show, drove our van, recorded with us, shared a stage with us, released our vinyl, did our live sound, offered us a place to sleep, anything that helped us out and of course those that bought the records/merch and banged hard at the live shows. You know who you are and I certainly am glad I do, too.

Finally of course a big warm hug and a smoky whisky to Johan, Joost, Richard and Demian, the brothers in arms that took part in the realisation of some of my dreams.

Be Seeing You. Non Timetis Messor! XO Stefan.

When we started looking for replacements, or actually, someone to bring his or her personality, way of thinking and playing style to the band, hardly a name popped up. Yet, we found a kindred spirit
Jelle A., of Nihill fame, has joined Terzij de Horde. He will be writing along and playing on our full-length, the eternal white whale. But Ahab's gaining. 

We have a couple of shows coming up, alongside Planks in Germany and with Wildernessking as these South-African friends tour the continent. As soon as more info is present, we will inform you.

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