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zondag 27 december 2015

You Would Swear There's Amusement in the Eyes of the Dead

Indeed, too much time has passed since the last post. Frankly, this is due to an overwhelming amount of splendour and amazement. Since the release of Self this November, times have flown by.

The release itself brought everything we could have desired. A packed house, amazing and intense sets by NefastLaster and Gnaw Their Tongues (as expected) and an overall feeling that this was the best night of our lives.

Following the release, we played a messy but highly enjoyable set in the depths of night in Leeuwarden. After stunning sets by (a.o.) our old friends Ophis and The Great Old Ones, we spent the rest of the night talking about metal, life and beers, and were surprised to find out the old men in Kampfar could still hold their drinks!

But then things started rolling, and thus, updating become more difficult.

First of all, we were asked to play Eurosonic Noorderslag. This is  huge festival which swallows Groningen during the second week of January. This a booker's festival, where the organisation chooses young (ha!) and promising (huh?) bands to present themselves to international, but primarily Dutch, bookers. We were quite stunned that they'd ask us, since we are the loudest band playing that festival, by far. But then we were told how Amenra and Textures played there, and so we feel less weirded out. But only slightly so.

Then we were asked to play a weekender with our friends in Dragged Into Sunlight, who are touring together with the aforementioned Gnaw Their Tongues to celebrate their joint release N.V., which is surely the most horrid and deprived release of 2015.

On Saturday the 13th of February we will play Het Bos in Antwerp (BE), courtesy of the amazing people of Ondergronds, who we've worked with before. On Sunday the 14th we will be playing at Patronaat. On the first show, we are joined by our buddies of Laster again, who will release an amazing split-recording early 2016, but who have already recorded their new record as well. Expect a completely new set by them.

Besides that, the overall reviews have been amazing. The two negatives we have picked up both stated the same: "TOO INTENSE I CAN'T HANDLE THIS". Excellent. The tapes are down to the last 10 at the label, we've run out of them. LPs and CDs are dwindling fast as well.

2016 will bring amazing shows, huge plans and new tracks. Thanks to all of you for making 2015 a year that far surpassed our expectations. 

As a thank you of sorts, you can now download the Marsman poetry collection we translated, "A Crooked Flower in Cosmos' Flailing Mouth", for free.

See you soon.

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