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donderdag 21 augustus 2014

My Spine Will Be My Noose

As mentioned last time, we will be performing in Tilburg on Saterday the 30th. Joining us will be Slakkengang, a noise/black duo that has been working its way through the scene. They will play a 15-minute set, but that will be more than enough.

During this show, we will finally play two new songs, one of which, 'Absence', has been the bane of this band for over two years. As said before, we are slow and picky writers.

Later this year, recording will take place, but it feels good to mention that we will have one release out this year anyway. We are part of the Elemental Nightmares 10"-series, with bands and friends like MondvollandWildernessking and VUYVR. On Mithras' day, our four-way split with Hyperial, Parasitized and Waning will be released. The song on this 10" is a one-off, and it will never be released again in any form. You can still sign-up for this compilation, which has stunning artwork. Every 10" will feature 1/7th of a huge, encompassing piece of craft. The first one has already been released, with Wildernessking and Oak Pantheon, a.o. Especially those two songs are worth the listen. Check Elemental Nightmare's bandcamp.

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