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dinsdag 26 mei 2015

A Crooked Flower in Cosmos' Flailing Mouth

Hendrik Marsman wrote gut-wrenching, harrowing poetry, a dark vitalism at the basis, vibrant and volatile. Because most of his poetry was never translated, most people have never had the chance to read his work; we want to change that.

We created a book, A Crooked Flower in Cosmos' Flailing Mouth, and a track, Wacht - Lex Barbarorum, which are now for sale. This is both to commemorate his death, 75 years ago this year, but also to embrace his momentous drive to live. The book features translations of the 14 poems we consider the most fitting to our ideas as Terzij de Horde. Not coincidentally, these are our favourite poems too.

 The amazing artwork featured in this work is by Unknown Relic - The Artwork of Stephen Wilson.

The book can be ordered through and will provide all our musical output, as always.

The delivery of the book and the song will happen around the 21st June, the day of his death, so that makes this a pre-order. A limited number will be pressed, so do not wait too long.

Additional note: our 42nd update is on Towel Day. There you go.

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  1. Een holistische benadering, ideeën en creativiteit aan de basis uitvloeiend in poëzie en muziek. Gaaf dat jullie dit zo doen!