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dinsdag 21 juli 2015

I held a banquet for the elevation of the self

We are proud to present our debut album ‘Self’ in October 2015.

The album focuses on the problem of self. Six tracks explore different ways to live, or fail to live, with self and world. They embody the struggles these paths and strategies create: blindness, suffering, a desire for release, the destruction of self and others as well as the turning towards -or away from- life.

Self as prison, self as a source of power, self as vessel for manipulation by outside forces, self as shield and as inner world, self as medium for Dionysian rapture, self as something to be overcome.

In the six songs that constitute ‘Self’, the rage of black metal is paired with a cathartic destruction as well as a contemplative, sometimes crawling melancholy. Instead of navel gazing or the worship of constructs, ‘Self’ is analysis forced. A cerebral celebration of liberation at all costs and a requiem for spheres rendered apart.


1: Absence
To compete for such divinity
a phantasmagorical emanation
a man-made sphere of inclusion and exile
2: A Marriage of Flesh and Air
Ripping the fabric in strands tied to naught
to bear the raging worlds within
3: Averoas
A race conscious enough
to know it is vile,
intelligent enough to know
it is insignificant.
4: Contre le Monde, Contre la Vie
To horrors more gloriously vibrant
beyond vistas of fabrication
where wars of psyche and shadow
devour and deform and give birth
5: Geryon - See Extinguished the Sight of Everything but the Monster
Hells exposed and tamed
into hierarchies of fear.
6: Sacrifice - A Final Paroxysm
Opened, turned outward toward death
deranged and outraged
the seamless garment rent

‘Self’ is a collaborative effort, as Burning World Records (gatefold lp), Consouling Sounds (cd) and Tartarus Records (cassette) will each be releasing it on their preferred formats in October.The record has been recorded and mixed at Studio Independent Recordings and mastered by James Plotkin.

The artwork of ‘Self’ depicts ants, consumed by Ophiocordyceps. These parasitic fungi appropriate the brains of whichever host they infect, to manipulate and effectively destroy its self-regulating features. Through this annexation, the ants become empty shells of what they once were, governed by a destruction from within, imposed and irreconcilable.

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