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zondag 13 september 2015

The Impending Winter

This week brought two moments of pride, and two harbingers of greater entities.

First, Kim Kelly of Noisey and bad meme fame discussed our opening track, and the first streamable track of 'Self', Absence. And she is positive: " [Terzij de Horde] have distinguished themselves by dint of a captivating, layered sound that blasts a black metal core with fragments of noise and heavy doses of melancholia. It is poetic, cerebral music that channels aggression and catharsis into something fruitful."

Listen here:

Besides that, the first show in support of 'Self' has been announced, we will share the stage of Into Darkness II with our good friends of The Great Old Ones, Gg:ull and Dystopia, as well as Nightbringer and Naglfar, the 28th of November in Leeuwarden.

More streams, more shows soon.

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