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zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

There are people that need us, people that need things that we know

We are proud to announce our performance at the inestimable Roadburn Festival next year. Tickets are on sale now, and going quickly as ever. We will play the 013 venue, alongside dozens of bands we admire and love, such as MisþyrmingNeurosis and Oranssi Pazuzu. As taken from the Roadburn site:

"Distinguishing themselves by pairing the rage of black metal with a cathartic destruction, as well as heavy dose of poetic – sometimes crawling -melancholy, Terzij de Horde are part of a thriving Dutch underground scene, also inhabited by Urfaust,Nihill and Dodecahedron among others.

Addressing the issue of self on their first full-length, Self, Terzij de Horde will plunge into an explosive requiem – also reminiscent of extreme hardcore and chaotic screamo – only to explore different ways to live or fail to live with self and world, and the struggles these paths and strategies create. They will perform at Roadburn 2016 on Friday April 15at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Experience a cerebral celebration of liberation – set yourself free from the blindness, suffering, desire for release, for the destruction of self and others, and the turning toward or away from life." 

At the same time, our release of 'Self' was announced as well. We have been given the opportunity by Le Guess Who? festival to curate an evening of Dutch darkness. As such, we have invited those band to whom we feel connected in darkness and light.

We will be joined by Gnaw Their Tongues, a musical entity of unparalleled darkness and the flagship project of the insanely prolific Mories (Aderlating, De Magia Veterum, Seirom, Cloak of Altering…). With each release, Gnaw Their Tongues has invoked new realms of doom/black/industrial horror.

Describing themselves as ‘obscure dance music’, Laster play a strand of black metal that is deeply haunting and hypnotic. Listening to new album, ‘de Verste Verte is Hier’ instills a vertiginous sense of void and night, which is contrasted with a desperate drive to affirm and embrace.

Nefast will open the night. Ominous chants crash into raging despair, sanguineous rhythms lure the listener into the abyss, the spectre of death has never been dissected so thoroughly. If the moons are aligned, their second outing 'Discomfort' will be available on the 20th as well.

We are proud and honoured to be able to do this. Join us then.

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  1. Aandacht!!! Aandacht!!! Aandacht!!! Aandacht!!!

    Heeft u een lening nodig, zo ja, mijn contract, mijnheer Kresten Høglund, die me een paar weken terug helpt met een lening, ik moet deze wereld delen om mensen te laten weten dat er nog steeds goede, verwarmde mensen op de wereld zijn. Ik heb echt geld verloren aan oplichters online, omdat ik wanhopig op zoek was naar een lening. Totdat ik een opmerking over hem zag, contact met hem opnemen, geen fout maar dromen voor mij. Nu ben ik een gelukkige man met mijn familie. Neem contact met hem op als je een lening nodig hebt via e-mail: